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Escotek  SmartRipple Receiver

We have developed a Ripple receiver that is compatible with any existing Ripple receiver available today. This Ripple receiver can be upgraded to communicate back to a control center via GPRS or GSM. The system can also be migrated to an Automatic Meter reading System (AMR).

Two – Way Smart Controller

The new Smart Controller is more than a geyser controller but can also communicate with a standard new generation Pre-payment meter and other devices. Communications from the Control Room and back can either be GPRS or even Wi Fi.




Escotek  SmartRipple Receiver

ESCOTEK together with Electroweb Electronics are now launching a new range of luminaries making use of high quality LED lamps. The street light uses 80% less energy than that of a normal 125Watt street light with more lumens on the ground. This company will also provide the maintenance functions for the Municipalities on a 3 year contract period.


Escotek  Solar Geysers