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 Escotek was established in 2003, and in line with the NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa) principles, we aim to vastly reduce the pollution generated from poor load factor power generating stations by effecting the implementation and operation of electricity Demand Side Management (DSM) systems and Energy Efficiency (EE) systems throughout South Africa.

At Escotek we understand that electricity is crucial to all aspects of our modern lives – influencing our quality of life both at home and at work. Electricity is the driver behind our devices, the fuel that powers our businesses and the driving force that elevates our communities to greater heights. The future of electricity will ultimately determine our future, and we believe that because we all need and use the electrical grid, we all have a responsibility to help keep it working effectively and sustainably.

Our main business therefore encompasses the procurement, implementation, commission and maintenance of residential/ commercial/ industrial DSM Systems in South Africa. We have been rated by an independent company as a level four BEE contributor, and we are a wholly privately owned and managed, proudly South African company.


Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, whether it be installing products or manning the call centre, do not hesitate to  contact us  should you have any queries.